Time is the only, truly limited resource we have.

Our Story

The most important resource of a company is still the human being. Their active integration into the company's decision-making processes opens up new potential and builds a bridge between generations.
Michael Emaschow
Founder and CEO of Papershift
Time is the only, truly limited resource we have. Join us on our mission to bring time spent on organizational and operational overhead to zero, so organizations can focus on their core business and actually create value.
Florian Suchan
Founder and CTO of Papershift




Our team has grown over time and has reinforced with each employee our company culture, which provides the space where you can feel free to fully engage at work, voice your opinion and feel supported in everything you do. We value diversity, reward entrepreneurship and give you the freedom to help shape our future!

Meet the team

Developing solutions together with the customer and communicating and working at eye level with the customer and in the team. Teamwork and mutual support are writ large at all levels.
Regina Maak
Account Executive DACH
Achievable and smart goals for individuals, with team success always in the forefront. We value sustainable customer relationships and partnerships where the solution and needs are more important than quick sales! That's Papershift! 
Steffen Kaufhold
Head of Sales Development
We set ambitious goals with the team, learn from each other every day, achieve the goals and celebrate them together as friends. That's my Papershift!
Siva Subrahamian
Content Manager EN
I definitely like the diversity and how it's welcomed and embraced in our team's culture. It's also amazing to work with the inspiring and empowering people that make Papershift.
Roya Anane
Backend Developer
The best thing about Team Marketing is that we are REALLY a team. We are creative together and support each other at all times. While everyone is working on different projects, we always keep each other in the loop and celebrate successes together as a team!
Sianca Gentner
Outreach Manager
I enjoy working at Papershift because of the incredible teamwork, sincerity and authenticity of the company culture. The work of each one of us is appreciated and this motivates me every day to give my best to succeed.
Viviana Ruiz
Team Management Success
Helping the client to simplify their human resources management by making it simpler, trying to improve as a team to achieve that common goal and living our day to day as a family. For me, that's Papershift.
Javier Viguera
Sales Development Representative for the Spanish Market

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